Kashwakamak Lake, Ontario

Location: Kashwakamak Lake, Ontario GPS: N44º 52.242′ W077º 0.585′ Species: Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass This Hotspot is a small Bass bay on the north side of Kashwakamak Lake. The key to this bay is the wood and cabbage weed—perfect for both species of Bass. Any Bass bait will work here. Just be aware that it can […]

Fish Talk – Trolling Motor Wisdom

Hiya folks, Gord Pyzer here, from Outdoor Canada Magazine. I’m going to give you a little bit of trolling motor wisdom today. You know, you often see Ang and Pete, they’ll be fishing in a heavily cottaged area with lots of boats and boat traffic going through. And yet, when they’re fishing, you’ll often hear […]

Otter Lake, Quebec

Location: Otter Lake, Quebec GPS: N45º 48.299′ W074º 47.647′ Species: Rainbow Trout, Largemouth Bass This Hotspot is on Otter Lake in Quebec’s Kenauk Nature Reserve in the Outaouais Region. Since this is a small, bowl-shaped lake with very little bottom structure, we suggest trolling for best results. Covering water is the key to success here. We […]

Jailbreak Rainbows – Episode 502

This was the first Fish’n Canada episode of the 2019 fishing season and it truly was a highly anticipated one! It took place at the gorgeous Pleasant Cove Resort in Point au Baril Ontario, on Georgian Bay. I’ve been to Pleasant Cove before and this place always gets me excited. Another first on this trip was the […]

Long Mountain Lake, British Columbia

Location: Long Mountain Lake, British Columbia GPS: N59º 18.091′ W126º 38.585′ Species: Lake Trout This Fish’n Canada Hotspot is directly off a point on British Columbia’s Long Mountain Lake which leads towards a saddle and an underwater hump. On a past Fish’n Canada episode shot at this location, we didn’t have to dig too deep […]

Fish Talk – Working The Edges

Hiya folks, Today I want to talk about using your eyes to find fish—and what I’m talking about is looking at the surface of the lake and looking for minnows dimpling or shiners jumping out, two or three seagulls or terns diving into the water, or a couple of loons feeding up on the surface. […]

Adolphus Reach, Adolphustown, Ontario

Novembers’s HotSpot brings us back to the great Walleye waters near Lake Ontario. It’s the drop near buoy Q1 in the Adolphus Reach… home of the giant fish!The Adolphus Reach may be the #1 Walleye Migration Stretch in the world! That’s right folks, literally thousands of giants swing up the reach every fall on the way to their spawning destinations. This Hotspot is a great start at intercepting them. If you have a map or a mapping program then you will note that there is a shallow shoal on the inside of the waypoint; remember if you are deep-trolling to stay clear of this area. You can also try a run closer to the shore in around 20+ feet of water especially in the evening.

Georgian Bay, Ontario

November’s HotSpot is on Georgian Bay, world renowned for its giant Muskie. Here you’ll find a wind-swept point near Honey Harbour. If you’re fishing this area then hit all the adjacent islands as well. On those cold miserable overcast days, big Lunge will follow smaller game fish and bait fish on the wind blown shores of these islands & points. Casting and trolling big baits are the 2 best options.