Angler dives in lake, catches bass with bare hands

Nothing will come between this Georgia angler and his catch.

Avid fisherman Lee Sandt was filmed diving into a lake headfirst after his line broke. In the video, a large bass is seen being lured in by Sandt, until the line breaks and the bass seems to get away. However, quick-acting Sandt jumps into the water after it and catches it with his bare hands


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  1. Hold on there a second! The fishing regulations down in Georgia may have something to say about this little shenanigan. If I am not mistaken, the headline should read, “Angler dives in lake and “illegally” catches bass with bare hands”. Now that we have it all on video, he is likely to be doing some Man ‘splaining in the near future.

    Yeah I know, the usual arguments will be forthcoming. So, let me start you off in that direction. “Lee Sandt hooked it legally but his line broke and he was just trying to retrieve his lure to prevent the fish from suffering any ill effects.” “It was his favorite bass lure and he couldn’t afford to lose such a prized possession.” “He accidentally fell into the water as a result of the backlash from his rod when the line snapped.” “Lee forgot to read up on the regulations for this area and was unaware “barehanded” angling didn’t meet the criteria.”,etc, etc, etc!

    It may be humorous to most people but in Ontario a manoeuver like that, could get you into a whole peck of trouble with the Conservation Officer.

    So boys and girls, let’s try not to encourage that illegal behavior here in Canada.

    1. In Ontario it is legal to land a fish with your hands or net … as long as its still attached to your line. Just because your fishing line is not attached to your rod does not make it illegal.

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