Angler releases potential record-breaking Rainbow to avoid killing it

Josh Giordano, a Northern California native, has perhaps crowned himself the “king of catch and release” after opting to let go a potential record-breaking Rainbow Trout to avoid having to kill it.

Measured on the shore at 41″ with a 27″ girth, the fish is projected to have weighed a whopping 38.2-pounds, over 10-pounds larger than the 27-pound state record holder.

“When I hooked this fish I knew immediately how giant it was when it peeled off 150 yards of line in about 20 seconds,” Josh told the Stockton Record. “I have never seen the power of a fish like it. The fish continued to jump, tail walk and do things I’ve never seen fish do on the surface.”

Giordano said that the bait of the day was a swimbait.

As many are aware, for record-breaking fish to become official, anglers must have them weighed on an official scale, often in front of witnesses. This often takes place hours after the catch, meaning the fish must be killed to make the record books.

When asked why he decide to release the fish, Giordano stated that he released it “because of the respect I have for them, but also in hopes that one of our young upcoming anglers has a shot at becoming a legend or even a record holder.”

Would you have done the same? Let us know in the comments below!

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