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Boat Launches Starting To Open?

We have been hearing about certain boat launch restrictions being lifted. For example, word is that on Tuesday, May 5th, the city of Kingston, Ontario moved ahead with opening a number of local launches.

The following boat launches are said to be operational:

  • Grass Creek Park
  • Lake Ontario Park
  • Collins Bay boat launch
  • West Street boat launch
  • Cataraqui St. boat launch

As for marinas in the Kingston area, they will still remain closed until further notice.

So far, Kingston is the only area we know of that has relaxed restrictions. If you know of or hear of any other boat launches that have re-opened, please let us know.

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We’ve also heard that the Durham Regional Police Service have launched their boat into the Whitby Harbour, preparing themselves for when the two Whitby launches open up. There has not yet been any official announcement regarding an opening date for these launches.

The DRPS unit has issued an important reminder for boaters that have access to private launches, however, to make sure your rig is 100 percent safe and compliant with all legal requirements. They remind these boaters that there will be little to no other boats out there for you to flag down if a problem occurs.

4 Replies to “Boat Launches Starting To Open?”

  1. I can see no logical reason for boat launches to remain closed. I have never found that launching a boat put you in close social contact with others.

  2. We are all aware that Corona Virus pandemic has hit the fishing industry hard. Now, with the thought of boat launches opening up in Ontario, ceremonial launch sequences in the process and Baptismal Christenings of the fishing season planned out, it is only a matter of time before we hit back.

    Hold on, let’s not get too complacent. I know there are two sides to the argument, but going off willy-nilly, Hades bent on catching up to what was lost is absolutely no excuse for non compliance to the safety regulations temporarily in place. I am also aware that some Anglers for whatever reason, think these restrictions are a joke and will continuously look for every loop hole known to man. That is just human nature of the beast when psychological confinement puts a crimp in their life style. Yesterday is not ours to recover, but tomorrow is ours to win or lose!

    Have fun pursuing your quarry in the next little while but remember there is a deadly enemy stalking YOU ! The Corona Virus can not seen, heard, smelled, tasted of even felt until it is too late. Your pride will tend to deafen you to the advice or warnings of those around you.

    So remember when launching your boat this season, he that gives good advice, builds with one hand; he that gives good counsel and example, builds with both; but he that gives good admonition and bad example, builds with one hand and pulls down with the other. Which one are you?!

  3. Pete, Angelo, on the Eastern Ontario Regions between Orlean’s Petri Island and Carrillon dam on the Ottawa river. The following boat launch were seen to be operating. At Ozile marina, Rockland city boat launch, Wendover city boat launch, Lefaivre city boat launch , l’Orignal city boat launch and Chute à Blondeau city boat launch. Hawkesbury was not opened on Friday evening.
    Thight line. Be safe out there and wear your pfd.

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