Congratulations to Cass & Ryan!! 2023 BFT Tour Champions

The Fish’n Canada Team would like to congratulate friends of the show, Cass Terrance and Ryan Flaro on their huge accomplishment: 2023 BaitFuel Fishing Tour Champions!! The boys also doubled down on the Tour Championship victory by taking home the Bass Cat Cougar FTD/Mercury Pro XS 250 package.

After five qualifiers, it all came down to last weekend’s Tour Championship in Ganonoque. “We’re a team like not many others,” said friend-of-the-show Ryan Flaro in a Facebook post. “We fight, we argue, we laugh, we piss each other off, and yes we cry (Cass started first), but at the end of the day we pride ourselves on our prefish practice, and trust for one another skills in each specific area! When push comes to shove, without knowing what each other learned previously and alone in prefish, we go even if takes a little persuasion.”

When you win a classic with such a great group of skilled anglers,” Flaro continued, “it’s unexplainable feeling, but then winning an additional $100,000 boat above and beyond to the classic money, it really hits home hard and are humbled in a sport we all love to do and compete in!

Ang, Pete, and the entire team here at Fish’n Canada want to congratulate Ryan and Cass on this incredible win, and we are extremely encouraged to see the continued growth of the sport of bass fishing in Canada!

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