Further investigation shows Lincoln man did not catch record walleye

KFGO reports: North Dakota doesn’t have a new state record walleye after all.

Lincoln angler Tom Volk on April 21 was shore-fishing the Heart River in Mandan when he hauled in a 16-pound, 9-ounce walleye. The state Game and Fish Department initially said it was a record.

The agency now says an investigation has concluded that the fish was not legally hooked and can’t be recognized as a record.

That means the state record continues to be a 15-pound, 13-ounce walleye that Bismarck angler Neal Leier caught in the Missouri River in May 2018.

Before Leier’s fish, North Dakota’s walleye record had stood for nearly six decades.

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Source: KFGO

4 Replies to “Further investigation shows Lincoln man did not catch record walleye”

  1. So what are you saying about the Eye? Was it snagged? Was a large treble used? Is there no honesty any more with fishing? We have rules to no end with fishing. Licenses, seasons, length of fish, number of fish etc etc. Then we catch a fish illegally and pose for pictures. That is just sick for a sportsman to understand.

  2. There is a huge difference between foul hooked and snagged. If you fish at all you’ve likely foul hooked a fish at some point. I know I have caught many!! How many of you have caught a smallie that smacked a crankbait only to find the hooks in the outside cheek and gill plate where from the fish “smacking” the bait to stun it. I’ve caught salmon the same way downrigging as well as other species. It happens.

  3. Yes Sir! This puts many an Angler in a “foul” mood. Like em’ or not, them’s the rules boys and girls. The questions arise, Why was there an investigation in the first place? Was there some sort of unforeseen self incrimination when he was giving an account of the proceedings by any chance? That in itself is highly likely.

    This may indeed be a case where, “less is more”. You either “play by the rules” or “You pay by the rules”. Humility can be a beneficial teacher if you in as much accept her teachings. It will go along way to improving your reputation in the world.

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