Garmin Dominates The 2020 Bassmaster Classic

Pulling off a top-three at any major sporting event is an accomplishment. Although competitors are there to win, a second or a third keeps them among the highest rankings worldwide.

HOWEVER, when you are literally “THE TOP THREE”, that’s 1st, 2nd and 3rd, then worldwide rankings are very much dominated.

That is exactly what happened with Garmin at this year’s Bassmaster Classic. Hank Cherry, Todd Auten, and Stetson Blaylock all representing and using Garmin electronics took the top 3 positions. This is huge considering the amount of advanced fish finding and mapping equipment is on the market. It also proves that Garmin is at the top of their game and are always pushing further forward for new ideas. We the users of the products are the ones that benefit (BTW Hank benefited by using his Garmin’s to the tune of $300,000 US!).

We are almost positive that all the Garmin pros were using EchoMap Ultra’s on their fully decked out bass boats and we’re 100% sure they were all using LiveScope technology.

For a full look at Garmin units in Canada, check out the Radioworld website

The full story from Garmin is here

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