Gordy Bowman Passes Away at 92

A sad day here at Fish’n Canada headquarters as we give our condolences to the Bowman family.

Some of you have probably already heard, Pete’s dad Gordy Bowman passed away late Friday afternoon. He was 92 and succumbed to complications brought on by Covid 19.

Gordy will be missed by everybody who ever had the pleasure to have known him, he was a wonderful man. Our prayers and well wishes go out to Peter and the entire Bowman clan.

Below you will find a post from Peter’s personal page for a more detailed account of Gordy Bowman.


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  1. Fisherman’s Prayer

    Lord, here I am sitting in my boat watching,
    the sun come up, the bright rays sparkling on
    the drops of last nights dew.
    I feel so blessed Lord to be part of your creation.

    As I humbly reach for my fishing rod to cast my line,
    I ask that you; bless my bait and my lure
    that I may reel in the big fish today;
    bless me with a bountiful catch,
    knowing that I will always release those that
    are not keepers, and that you let me spare that which I do not need.

    I ask Lord that I may live to fish until, my dying day,
    but when my final cast is made, I then most humbly pray,
    when nestled in your great and safe landing net, as I lay peacefully asleep,
    that you will smile at me and judge that I’m big enough to keep.

    Amen !

    God bless Gordie Bowman, his family and many friends.

  2. My Deepest Condolences to you and your Family Pete….

    He could have been 92 or 192 and it would never be easy to say goodbye, but I am sure that he is smiling and happy where he has gone now and looking down with pride at all of his family and friends, who miss him so much and continue to remember him fondly today.

    God Bless.

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