Remember to Remove your ice huts before March 15th

Spring is just around the corner and approaching rapidly. Ontario anglers need to be aware that if you have ice huts on Surrounding lakes in Zone 17 or 20, you must remove them before March 15th. As well, all huts north of highway 16 must be removed by March 31.

Leaving Ice huts abandoned isn’t just an Ontario problem. As reported in a ministry news release, each spring, many ice fishing shelters are abandoned on the ice of Saskatchewan lakes. We’re assuming that other provinces have this same dilemma. Please check your local regulations for laws pertaining to your fishing areas.

Removal of Ice huts/shelters is imperative, as they can pose danger to boaters, water-skiers, swimmers and wildlife. Whole shelters can sink and lodge into the shallow lake bottom creating a major navigational hazard. As well, if (and probably when) the hut falls apart, due to the incredible power of broken ice and wind, pieces can wash up on shore causing environmental hazards.

If the shacks are not removed, owners could face prosecution and the structures and their contents may be confiscated.




Here is a Video from CBC that shows what happens to ice fishing huts when abandoned:


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