Sinkhole In Canada So Big That Anglers Are Fishing Out Of It

Maritime Herald reports:  The melting of spring is wreaking havoc in Canadian cities. In Montreal, for example, floods in and around the Ottawa River have devastated communities and displaced thousands of people.

However, in the chaos, some Canadians still find a way to ignore the situation. This was the case yesterday in Winnipeg, where a group of men decided to turn a huge sinkhole into a serendipitous fishing hole.

Joe Macdougall, George Hewitt, and Shawn Pageot, who pulled out their garden chairs and fishing rods to display a photo, that has now wildly circulated since yesterday. This hilarious display is reminiscent of another newsworthy story we posted about years ago where a Russian angler set up for some fishing beside a large pothole that had formed on the road. Clearly, anglers will do anything for an excuse to do some fishing.

The trio caught nothing except “the laughter of passers-by,” said Pageot. “In these moments you can just laugh at this rain … people need humor,” he added.

The pit opened at the corner of Parkdale Street and Ness Avenue (a missed opportunity here to call the sinking of “Loch Ness”), according to reported information.

That intersection isn’t far from the Sturgeon Creek, which empties into the Assiniboine River in Winnipeg.

Warning signs have been placed around the hole. People are warned not to go near it.

Source: Maritime Herald

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  1. Hole-E Cow! Now this is the sort of profound subject matter that leaves this old guy reeling with apprehension. A couple o’ Winnipeger’s pitting themselves against the odds of rationality while undercutting their sense of establishment. Hard core angling at it’s best.

    These two brave souls, teetering on the brink the abyss, have opened a W-hole new meaning to the art of “Down Rigging”.

    One thing for certain guys and gals, even though Joe Macdougall, George Hewitt, and Shawn Pageot, caught absolutely nothing, they did manage to “catch” everyone’s attention. I wonder what the Provincial Possession Limits are in these circumstances.

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