Thin Ice Warnings: Snowmobile riders plunge into Lake Winnipeg

CBC reported this week that 2 men, aged in their 50’s were snowmobiling on Lake Winnipeg near a place called Victoria Beach when they went through the ice and into the frigid water. Both men pulled themselves to safety and were treated for what we assume was hypothermia.

“Apparently” the locals know of this area as a risky spot with ice thickness varying from solid and thick to extremely thin and dangerous. We’re not sure if the two snowmobilers knew of this iffy ice.

Again, here’s our chart showing ice conditions:

“In searching news articles for,” says Pete Bowman “the vehicles falling through the ice issue is even more prevalent than I thought. Manitoba has had a rough go of it so far this year and I can imagine we don’t hear of more incidents in other provinces”

The obvious message here is, think responsibly and if you have any inkling that the ice may be thin or soft in areas, stay off. Also, remember these 11 Ice Fishing Safety Tips.

Click here for the CBC article

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