POLL: How Long Could You Survive Alone in the Wild?

This one goes out to all the survivalists out there: How Long Could You Survive Alone in the Wild?

Let us know what you think by voting in the poll below. Be sure to leave a comment letting us know why you chose your answer!

Don’t forget to tune into the Livestream on Tuesday, October 13th at 6:00 PM EST to see the final results presented.



Fish’n Canada’s Thoughts:

This poll, in a way, strayed away from fishing but still has the fishing element in it. After all, fish would be an important form of sustenance for an extended time, as we learned during our interview with Kielyn Marrone on Tuesday’s Fish’n Canada Live with Ang and Pete. In her case, Lake Trout were a vital component of her survival diet. She knew that meat like rabbit did not have enough fat to keep a proper fat to muscle balance in her body—remember, we need fat to survive. Lake Trout holds healthy fats.

Now the question is, would most people even know elements like the above if they were accidentally stranded in the woods? For the Alone contestants, they knew and prepared for their extended stay. That truly is an advantage. For those who get lost, it’s a whole different ball game.

Using the hypothetical situation of “you got unexpectedly lost”, 50% of our poll participants said they could survive 30 days or more days. No offence, but after our conversation with Kielyn, we now have our doubts.

ANG:  There are two different scenarios at play here. The first one is if I was voluntarily put in a position to survive in the wild and live off the land of my own avails, how long would I last? My quick answer is maybe a few weeks to a month providing that I had some of the basic and essential tools that Kielyn had. I’ve got pretty good instincts and like to think of myself as being mentally tough. However, if it was not by choice—that is, if I were to get stranded or, worse yet, if I got lost in the wilderness—I think my chances of surviving more than a week might be a long shot.

PETE: When we first thought about this poll, I stepped up and reluctantly said I could survive 30-plus days because of my past bush experience—along with hunting and fishing experience, of course. I still maintain that IF I was equipped like the Alone cast (allowed 10 items), I could make 30 days. However, if I was just out leisurely taking photos for instance, and had no bow and arrow, no fire-starting devices, no fishing line and hooks, I doubt very much I’d make 30 days without going absolutely bananas! Shooting game animals and birds with a camera and trying to spear a fish with a curved, not-so-sharp branch isn’t going to put much meat over the fire… oh wait, what fire?!

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