Angelo is Back – August 10, 2019

He’s back! Angelo returns to ODJ Radio after recuperating from heart surgery!

Yvonne Brown from Fishing 101 and Ontario Women’s Anglers is Angelo’s guest.
There are a number of upcoming events for ladies to try angling, including a fall
session fishing for muskies.

The Chaga king, Jerry Ouellette joins Angelo. Chaga is a natural forest product,
harvested from white birch trees. The medicinal benefits of Chaga have been
documented for centuries.

For the Go Fish in Ontario segment we’re off to Thunder Bay with James Hill from
Thunder Bay Pro Fishing Guides. When you travel long distances to a new fishing
hotspot, it makes sense to have a guide put you into the best location.

The Massasauga Rattlesnake is a threatened species in Ontario, and has
struggled in the last small territory in Southwestern Ontario. Jonathan Choquette
joins Angelo with his thoughts on the future of the rattler.

7 Replies to “Angelo is Back – August 10, 2019”

  1. Welcome back Angelo!

    Everyone “new” you were all heart. It’s hard to keep that old Fishologist guy on a layabout regime for any extended time. We suggest you take it easy for a while.

    In the meantime, Pump me up Angelo! Pump me up!

  2. Saturday morning the radio comes on and there is that voice. I was so happy to hear that voice. Thanks Angelo, I had a great start to my day. I like the way that the guys on the show are talking to you. Wow, even Shawn was serious. I do like the way that Pete looks after you.

  3. A BIG “Welcome Back” Angelo!!

    Great to hear your voice on Saturday!
    Take it slow & easy while you work your way back to full throttle buddy.
    As always love all the banter between
    Take care Pal.

  4. Soooo happy to hear you are back 👍😊.
    Your family, friends, listeners and ME 😊 are wishing you all the best of the many years to come.
    We love you and Pete. 💗
    Are you all planning more fishing trips and tips with your kids?? Love those segments, too.
    Stay safe and well. 🤗😊💕

  5. So good to hear you back Angelo!!

    Having just experienced this myself, remember to:
    watch the sodium,
    switch to light”ahem” beverages,
    salad with every meal,
    dont lift your arms over your head (yeah, how does one wash their hair and shave.. stand on our heads?
    And above all.. dont lift over 10 lbs! Lol

    Glad to see you’re back


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