On This Weeks Show – June 15, 2019

This is the licence free family fishing weekend and Father’s Day broadcast!
Take a day with dad and get out fishing!

The Great Ontario Salmon Derby is just a couple of weeks away! Bill Barootes is
Angelo’s guest with a preview to this year’s derby.

We have mercury in our northern lakes and it’s showing up in the sport fish that
we catch and eat. Miranda Chen, was a member of the study team from York
University that sampled many Ontario lakes. Miranda joins Angelo to talk about
the results of this comprehensive study.

One of the most difficult issues with Lyme Disease, is the reliability of the testing
methods. Wendy Adams works with the Bay Area Lyme Foundation in California.
Wendy is a member of the U.S. “Tick-Borne Disease Working Group”. She
provides an update on the latest testing methods.

Greenhouse gas emissions are directly linked to climate change. The challenge to
reduce emissions is daunting. Can carbon dioxide be removed from the air, and
are the methods cost effective? Dr. Michael Oppenheimer from Princeton
University joins Angelo to talk about the technology to remove greenhouse gases,
and the challenges.

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