Steve’s hair is a species of its own… – April 13, 2019

On this Outdoor Journal radio show, Angelo requested listeners to text in why they think he should continue talking about Steven’s hair on air (even though listeners can’t see his hair and it has nothing to do with the outdoors). Take a listen to this segment and read some of the funny text messages we received.

Steven from Drayton: “Steven’s hair matters!”

Rick cross from Toronto: Steve’s hair has everything to do with the outdoors- Wild mane wild game

Rob from Lindsay: Yes it does because steves hair is a species of its own

Dan from Kitchener: Stevens hair sounds like a birds nest the way Anglo takes about it. So yes.

Gerry Skipwith from Toronto: I agree with Ang completely. If you look like a pro, you play like a pro! We want the best show possible, so we should also evaluate Ang’s hair. .

 Jon from Niagara on the Lake: if he cuts his hair and throws the clippings outside birds could use it to build their nests, so yes his coif could contribute to the great outdoors

Mitchell from Oshawa: Yes it does! Stephens hair does involve the outdoors because every turkey has to be dressed 😉

Greg M from Guelph: I believe the hair does have something to do with the program. It is something that I consider everytime I am getting ready for a fishing trip. How long is my hair is it going to affect how comfortable I am during the day if I don’t get a chance to shower before hitting the lake etc. In the long run. Most trips I end up shaving my head before I go. Thanks for the great show guys

Jeff from Toronto: They always told me the Sasquatch was a myth !! I believed them until I finally saw the man with the quaff and that face for radio!!! Love ya boys!

Sebastian from Whitby: As wildlife begins to prepare for the season , birds require certain nesting material that is only found when we humans head outdoors and hair is the perfect material totie a nest together. Trout also make their way upstream this time of year amd what better roe bag tying material is there than human hair?

Kevin from Barrie: I think Steve’s “quaff” may put him in the “wild thing” category for the outdoors.

Billybob Harrison from Orillia: I agree with Angelo. U run the helm & are the man in charge of all the bells, whistles & buttons. If ur quaf is off, so will be ur performance on the prestigious Outdoor Jourmal Radio Show. #neverrunoutofgelagain

Bart from Aurora: Yes Your hair CARE tells everyone you CARE… about the show, the environment etc… It’s your part of your personal brand that showcase your show

Art from Mississauga: It is relevant. When enjoying the great outdoors with the wind blowing through your hair. You don’t want a strand out of place. It’s not about how good you are it’s about how good you look

Steve from Barrie: Say no to Hair Gel ! I do believe gels in your hair, effects your fishing or hunting. The scent can be picked up by wild animals on the hunt ! – re fishing you touch your hair, then you touch your live or artificial bait, line, etc….and minimizes the nite!.

Frank from North York: Yes I agree with Angelo his hair can be used to attract geese so that they can nest and make babies.

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