Bass Anglers Caught Cheating During Tournament

Bass anglers cheating

  So you think you can cheat fellow anglers out of their hard-earned entry fees? Maybe the tournament organizers out of the first place winnings? How about abuse to the fish that you allegedly caught? This is what happens when “cheaters” hit the water and put on the ultimate fishing con. Unfortunately, we probably catch […]

Lac Seul Outpost Adventure – Episode 509

This Fish’n Canada episode is one that has been long overdue. Not because of the fish species, not because of the lake location, not any of the particulars. It was overdue because of the type of trip it was. We often get caught up in a fast, “gotta’ get a show done quickly and move […]

Major League Fishing Rule Change: When 12” Just Won’t Do

A rule change in the Major League Fishing format is about to be implemented into the 2020 competition season. They are introducing a variable minimum weight system and getting away from the minimum 12” length limit. The first location will be at Lake Eufaula in Alabama. The number will be a 2-pound minimum weight per […]

Did You Know? – Lake Superior Species

Did you know that Lake Superior has approximately 80 different species of fish? With an average underwater visibility of 27 feet, Superior’s cool, clean habitat is the perfect environment for this plethora of finned creatures. The most well-known cold-water species are the Brook Trout, Brown Trout, Rainbow Trout, and Lake Trout. There’s also Atlantic Salmon, […]

Deluxe Camp – May 04, 2019

For the Go Fish in Ontario segment we’re headed to the northwestern arm of Lake Nipissing. Jay Byers is the owner of Deluxe Camp and cottages. This resort offers great packages for fishermen and many options for family vacations. Book your stay today:

Hotspot – Fish’n Boot Camp Part 1

Mr. Bass Spot N 46° 12.655’ W 79° 55.150’ Today’s hotspot is where Mr. Bass “Roland Martin” put on his mini-clinic for all to see. The waypoint on your screen will get you there. Although this spot is not a complete secret, we’ll bet these Largemouth have never been sifted through like they were today… […]

Fish Talk – Burn Baby Burn

Hiya folks, Y’know, a spinnerbait is probably the bait that fish become conditioned to the easiest—what they learn to avoid. But here’s the ironic thing about spinnerbaits: When the fishing conditions are the toughest, in fall for example, when the water’s cold, when the fish are lethargic and down on the bottom, a spinnerbait comes […]

Fish Talk – Topwater Stick Baits

Hiya folks, I’m gonna share a secret I earned on the Bassmaster Elite circuit, covering a couple of tournaments for Outdoor Canada magazine. And it’s about Senko-style baits. Now every Bass angler has tons of Senkos in the boat. You fish them “wacky” or you fish them Texas-rigged. But what the guys on the Elite circuit […]

Fish Talk – Colour My World

Hiya folks, One of the most frequently asked questions that I get at seminars is, “How important is colour?” or “Is colour really important?” The answer—believe it or not—is yes and no! Every time you pick a lure out of your tackle box, the one thing you always want to think about is depth control. […]