Hotspot – Swimming With The Salmon

CAMPBELL RIVER – N50° 2.383’ W125° 17.970’ Today’s hotspot is along the picturesque Campbell River in British Columbia. The waypoint above will get you there. We easily accessed this Hotspot via a whitewater raft with Destiny River Adventures. This is a fly-fishing only area of the Campbell. We used small bright-coloured sinking flies with weighted […]

Gettin’ There – Swimming With The Salmon

To get to today’s amazing Salmon adventure we first flew from Toronto to the Comox Valley Airport in the province of British Columbia. From there we drove west on Ryan Road and then north on South Island Highway to Campbell River, aptly named the Salmon Capital Of The World. From there we drove on Island […]

Fish Talk – Choose The Right Hook

Hiya folks, I want to talk today about hook shapes. When would you use a normal J-shape hook versus, say, an extra-wide gap? A lot of folks think you choose your hooks based on the fish that you’re fishing for. That’s not the case at all. You actually base your hook on the soft plastic […]

Campbell River, British Columbia

This month’s hotspot is along the Picturesque Campbell River in British Columbia. You can easily access this Hotspot via a Whitewater Raft with Destiny River Adventures. This Hotspot is a fly-fishing only area of the Campbell. While there, Ang & Pete used small bright colored sinking flies with weighted lines and tippets to get their presentation close to the bottom… a key in this area.

Tools Of The Trade – Multi Beam Sonar

Back in the day, before you got in your boat, you spoke to the locals to get an idea of where to go—what’s working, what’s not, etc. And that’s what you’d get: an idea. Well, folks? The times, they are a-changin’! With today’s technology, those ideas become reality. We’re talking about down-scan and side-scan multi-beam […]

Tools Of The Trade – Terminal Tackle

One of the least glamorous yet most important facets of fishing equipment is terminal tackle. This is gear that’s attached to the end of a fishing line including hooks, sinkers, leaders, snaps, swivels, split rings, clevises, and the list goes on. For the most part, this area of tackle is the least expensive. However, an […]

Tools Of The Trade – Drag Systems

What is drag? How does it work? And why is it important? Simply put, drag systems are a mechanical means of applying variable pressure to the line spool or drive mechanism which creates friction. This works on the principle of multiple discs rubbing together face-to-face. One set of disks is attached to the side of […]

Tools Of The Trade – Rods

Before you buy any fishing rod there are some basic facts you must know like what and where you’re fishing. This will determine one of the most important features of the rod you choose: its action. The action of a rod has several determinants. First and most important is the taper; from butt to tip, the […]

Swimming With The Salmon – Episode 432

This was a highly anticipated episode for Angelo and Pete. About a year ago, a gentleman named Jamie Turko from Destiny River Adventures contacted Fish’n Canada to see if we would be interested in filming a Salmon show in Campbell River, British Columbia. He guaranteed us this would be different from anything we had shot […]