Hotspot – Boys Day Off

Buck Lake – N 49° 09.161′ W 85° 07.936′ Today’s Hotspot is an extending underwater rock point protruding out from the Witch’s Nose on Buck Lake. The waypoint on your screen will get you there. Pete and Ang first investigated this spot on a nasty, rainy day and found it loaded with Northern Pike in […]

Gettin’ There – Boys Day Off

To get to today’s awesome Walleye lake from the south, take Highway 400 north to Highway 69. Next, take Highway 17 northwest to White River. Finally, turn right onto 631 which will take you to the Forde Air Base just outside of Hornepayne, Ontario. From there it’s a short flight to Buck Lake Lodge.

Hotspot – Getting It In Gear

PASHA LAKE – N49° 40.888’ W88° 00.323’ Today’s Hotspot is a section of the Sturgeon River in Northern Ontario. The Waypoint on the screen will get you there. This river pool loads up with Whitefish in the fall, making them easy to access with a boat. There is limited access from shore as well. Try […]

Did You Know? – The Finest Freshwater Sport Fishing

Did you know that Ontario is home to over 400,000 lakes, rivers, and streams? That’s fifteen percent of the world’s fresh water—and some of the finest freshwater sport fishing found anywhere. Here, muskie can reach a whopping 65 pounds, and anglers catch more than eight million Walleye each year, including some of the biggest in […]

Did You Know? – Alternative Species

Did you know that besides well-known game fish, Ontario has a variety of other species that offer great sport including Carp, Catfish, Freshwater Drum, Sturgeon, and even Whitefish. If big, powerful, and wary fish are what you seek, you’ll love Carp. They’re found in many shallow, weedy, muddy areas of the Great Lakes and southern […]

Gord Pyzer talks about beating the winter blues

The Doc, Gord Pyzer is the award winning columnist and fishing editor for Outdoor Canada magazine…the best coast to coast hunting, fishing and outdoors magazine in the country This week’s blog is about beating the winter blues….referring to the sometimes difficult ice fishing in February…

Julia Levin joins Angelo and Pete to talk about Seafood fraud

Seafood fraud is a lucrative business. Oceana Canada has been testing fish in stores and restaurants across Canada. Julia Levin joins Angelo with the results of their investigation and it’s pretty discouraging. Some of the fish tested will make you sick.

Sturgeon River, ON

This month’s Hotspot is a section of the Sturgeon River in Northern Ontario.

Getting It In Gear – Episode 426

This was probably one of the most anticipated fall fishing trips of the season for us. It was an exotic journey, launching the Princecraft on Lake Nipigon, then travelling the big lake to find the mouth of the Sturgeon River. Once in the river, it was a gorgeous early morning boat ride upstream, through rays […]