Fish Talk – Open Water Lethal

Hiya folks, Gord Pyzer here, for Outdoor Canada Magazine. And I want to talk today about open water lethal. You know, this is a trick I learned out in the Queen Charlotte Islands, fishing for Salmon with some of the top guides out there. But it works for lake trout, works for walleye, anything out […]

Northern Rockies Walleye and Grayling – Episode 508

This was Fish’n Canada’s second shoot of the season based out of Northern Rockies Lodge, but it wasn’t the first-ever visit here. Or should we say it wasn’t Pete’s first? Steve Niedzwiecki however, was virgin to this exquisite destination and for the entire stay, he was in awe! Trip #1 of this awesome western Canada […]

Jailbreak Rainbows – Episode 502

This was the first Fish’n Canada episode of the 2019 fishing season and it truly was a highly anticipated one! It took place at the gorgeous Pleasant Cove Resort in Point au Baril Ontario, on Georgian Bay. I’ve been to Pleasant Cove before and this place always gets me excited. Another first on this trip was the […]

Did You Know? – Georgian Bay

Did you know that Ontario’s Georgian Bay is known in Canada as the sixth Great Lake? But in reality, it’s the northeastern arm of Lake Huron. For years, boaters and anglers consider Georgian Bay as one of the absolute best-boating destinations in all of Ontario. A main draw to this area is the 30,000 islands which […]

Long Sault, Ontario

Location: Long Sault, Ontario GPS: N45º 01.513′ W074º 53.592′ Species: Carp This Hotspot is directly in front of the winning “Peg” in the 2017 Carp Cup. Although Carp anglers should not expect to catch 1,000+ pounds of fish in this Hotspot every weekend, the winning team proved that the potential is there by catching well […]

Carp British Style – Episode 415

Ontario Canada Carp

You’ve got the Thames River, Football, the Queen, and the Paparazzi… nothing to do with your beloved Fish’n Canada Show in general, but a lot to do with this episode. It’s all about England, Canada, and Carp! Angelo and Pete have now made two trips to the other side of the pond to attend “The […]