Ticks, Lyme Disease and How To Protect Yourself

I’M TICKED OFF! Like some of you, I read the incredible story that broke several weeks ago about the 9-year-old little boy in Connecticut who had a tick embed itself in his eardrum. According to a report in the New England Journal of Medicine co-authored by Dr. Erik Waldman and Dr. David Kasle 3 days […]

Digital Age: A Fish Out of Water

In a digital age where social media clips, tweets, posts, likes, and pins are as plentiful as scales on a Spanish Mackerel, literally, anyone can become a fishing YouTube superstar. Who needs mainstream broadcasters anymore? Who needs to mortgage Aunt Silvia’s summer home to buy a cinema-quality camera? And more importantly who needs to go […]

Kids in the Outdoors

I want to share my journey with you as the single parent of a sixteen-year-old boy. My intent in writing this is to inspire—and to hopefully reconnect our children with a life that, if we don’t act now, will become nothing more than a tourist attraction. What am I talking about? Kids and the outdoors. […]