Garmin Pro Angler Summit 2019 Overview


Angelo and I just returned from the Garmin pro angler summit at their headquarters in Olathe Kansas and let me tell you, it was information packed. Information that comes from the pro anglers as well as the Garmin professionals (engineers etc.) The beauty of a summit like this is 2-fold. First, it brings together anglers […]

Using “Traditonal Style” LiveScope

Pete holding big bass

I just wanted to write a short blog piece noting how impressed I am with the latest in the world of fishing electronics, more specifically, Garmin’s Panoptix Livescope. Angelo and I have been hard at work studying all the latest technology on our Garmin fishfinder/GPS units and let me tell you: It’s intriguing, complex and […]

Garmin LakeVü G3 and LakeVü G3 Ultra: The Skies Have Opened

Garmin has finally done what all its users have dreamed about for quite some time now and that is incorporate Navionics lake-mapping into their existing Garmin LakeVü mapping, bringing anglers the best of both worlds. To me, this just pushes Garmin into yet another level of electronic dominance for people who fish. Check it out […]

Trolling Made Easy

Ang and I are extremely excited about the latest Garmin software update. Carrying on from our last blog about the new Multiple Depth Shading, I want to lay out a quick and specific fishing situation and note just how this new technology can help make trolling even easier. I’ve grabbed some screenshots from our 7610 […]

Garmin Panoptix™: All Seeing Sonar

Angelo Viola knows a winner when he sees one. “With the introduction of Panoptix™ technology, Garmin has changed the sonar/scanner landscape … fishing will never be the same, it’s a new game!” Panoptix™ all-seeing sonar is unlike anything you’ve ever seen on the water. It gives you the ability to see all around your boat in […]