5 Canadian Anglers That You Should Be Following

5 Canadian Anglers You Should Be Following

Angelo and Pete are just like all other red-blooded Canadian anglers out there. They love hearing about, reading about and talking to people who love fishing. In this list are 5 Canadian anglers, some newer to the fishing scene that others but all with a vast amount of angling experience and especially skills, that Ang […]

Top 5 Musky Baits From Musky Fishing Experts

Musky Baits

The Musky (or Muskellunge) is unquestionably the number one apex predator when it comes to North America’s lakes and rivers. Yes, fish like Sturgeon are much bigger and stronger (sometimes), giant Lake Trout have been documented eating eight-pounders of their own species, Northern Pike school up and slash anything in their way; however, there’s no […]

Coleman Cooler: Why you should bring it ice fishing

Most days in the summer, we wouldn’t think about going fishing without bringing along a Coleman cooler full of ice cold drinks, lunches and snacks. Matter of fact, I usually have at least one other smaller cooler full of ice in the boat, as well, reserved specifically for live bait such as leeches and crawlers. […]