Ugly Pike Podcast: John Paul Leblanc (Part 1) – Episode 63

John Paul Leblanc is a Fisheries Ecologist currently working as a post-doctoral associate at the State University of New York, College of Environmental Science and Forestry. For 10 years he has been studying early life ecology of muskies in Georgian Bay, St Lawrence River, and Lake Huron. JP offers an amazing and educated perspective on […]

Top 5 Musky Baits From Musky Fishing Experts

Musky Baits

The Musky (or Muskellunge) is unquestionably the number one apex predator when it comes to North America’s lakes and rivers. Yes, fish like Sturgeon are much bigger and stronger (sometimes), giant Lake Trout have been documented eating eight-pounders of their own species, Northern Pike school up and slash anything in their way; however, there’s no […]

Matt Myers – Episode 57

Matt Myers holding Muskie

Matt Myers is a Board Member of the Saint John River Chapter of Muskies Canada. He also owns and operates the Master Crow Outdoors YouTube channel. Maybe one of the most underrated muskie fisheries in the Country, Matt talks all about fishing in Eastern Canada (New Brunswick) for the Apex Predator. You can also find […]

The Legends of Muskie – Episode 55

Legends of Muskie

Episode 55 brings you the Legends of Muskie, Angling panel from the 2019 Muskie Odyssey. 6 of the very best muskie anglers on the planet on one stage. The Legends of Muskie: Shawn Maher, Jim Saric, Mike Lazarus, Bill Barber, John Anderson, and Rob Cadeau come together to talk about the tactics and strategies that […]

Muskie Odyssey Women’s Panel (Part 2) – Episode 54

Episode 54 is part 2 of the amazing women’s panel discussion from the 2019 Muskies Canada, Muskie Odyssey   Previous Ugly Pike Episodes: Muskie Odyssey Women’s Panel (Part 1) – Episode 53 Olivia Michaud – Episode 52 Glenn McDonald – Episode 51 Brent Bochek (Part 2) – Episode 50 Lac Seul Trip Review – Episode […]

Muskie Odyssey Women’s Panel (Part 1) – Episode 53

Part 1 of our continuing Muskie Odyssey Series. Muskies Canada put together a panel of impressive women who fish from all different prime muskie waters. They lend their unique perspective and expertise on a variety of topics ranging from equipment selection to bait and targeting tactics.  

Muskie Odyssey 2019

This past weekend, I had a chance to drop into the 2019 Muskie Odyssey at the Garnet B Rickard Complex in Bowmanville, Ontario. This event is bi-annual and has never been held in Bowmanville before. Judging from the crowd—and the opinions of the show’s participants—it’s a great location with a good possibility for a return […]

How Tiger Musky & Trout Catch A Meal

Tiger Musky

Here is a very interesting video from Freewater Pictures of a Tiger Musky and Trout showing off their hunting skills. It’s amazing to see these fish in the early stages using their instincts to catch a meal. Take what you see in this video and apply it to when you want to target these species. […]