The Catch of a Lifetime

The boys with a huge sturgeon

Sturgeon fishing expert and professional guide Vic Carrao sent us this pic of a super happy client (see below image) posing with Canada’s biggest freshwater fish species, a White Sturgeon. Angelo and Pete have fished with Vic in the past and the results were nothing short of spectacular.

“We’ve caught fish in and around the 2-3 hundred pound category” says Ang “and honestly, those are just babies according to Vic. The Frasier River is the world’s best Sturgeon fishery and since Vic just so happens to be based in British Columbia, angling here offers the ultimate scenic backdrop for this magnificent species of fish”

Of course, some days the fishing can be slow, it’s fishing. Other days however, can be absolute mayhem!

“Here’s the highs and lows when Sturgeon fishing with Vic” continues Pete “the highs are the ridiculous acrobatics and jumps that these giants put out. You’d expect it out of a salmon, but a Sturgeon??? The lows are the aftermath of a battle with these beasts. You swear that you just popped your left bicep out into the river!”

It’s a good pain however and when you can post a pic like this one here, enough said.

In talking to Vic recently, he says that nowadays, the fish are even bigger than when we were here filming years ago. The 4-6 footers are now 7, 8 and 9!

“The difference between a 7 and 9-footer,” says Ang “is astronomical! That two feet transcends into an incredible increase in power. I can’t even imagine the strength one exceeding 10-feet!”

Some of the absolute best Sturgeon fishing in the world takes place near the town of Mission, on BC’s Frasier River. To get a shot at the biggest fish of your life, why not book Vic or one of his fellow guides for a day, at

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