The Unwritten Rules of Fishing | Outdoor Journal Radio ep. 121

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This week on Outdoor Journal Radio, Ang and Pete are solo in the studio to talk about some of fishing’s unwritten rules and to preview the new format for our “On The Road Again” podcasts!

Topics discussed included: first cigars; organic fun; hitting the road again; new scientific names; Lloydminster; nut drivers; stinging nettle; Hay Fever; The Wild Harvest Initiative; fishing code breakers; our new format; fly outs; Nre Brunswick Largemouth; Bay of Fundy; The Kraken; and much more! To never miss an episode of Outdoor Journal Radio, be sure to like, subscribe, and leave a review on your favourite podcast app!

Outdoor Journal Radio

Outdoor Journal Radio is Canada’s award-nominated and highest-ranking wilderness podcast. Drawing from their experience as two of Canada’s most prominent outdoor personalities, hosts Angelo Viola and Peter Bowman explore the environmental topics, issues, and events that matter to the everyday outdoorsman. Joined by a wide variety of guests, ODJ Radio seeks to answer the questions and tell the stories of all those who enjoy being outside.

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