Did You Know? – Ottawa River Explorers

Did you know that some of the greatest explorers of North America used the Ottawa River as their jumping off point into the continent?

First, Samuel de Champlain came in 1613, followed by LaVerendrye, Simon Fraser, Sir John Franklin and David Thompson.

These men, along with thousands of anonymous aboriginals, coureurs de bois, loggers and Old World settlers traveled, lived, and frequently died along this original Trans-Canada Highway.

There are more than 150 Ontario and Quebec communities along the Ottawa River that probably owe their existence to these brave and adventurous people. The city of Ottawa is the largest of these communities as it sits at the forks of three major rivers: the Gatineau, the Rideau and the Ottawa. This is a wonderful place to relive the adventure and the history, and of course, Go Fish in Ontario!


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