Did You Know? – Roadside Attractions

Did you know Ontario is famous for its Roadside Attractions? As you know, we do a lot of traveling in Ontario to and from our fishing shoots – and we’ve seen some pretty bizarre and beautiful sights.

Of course, there’s the Flying Saucer in Moonbeam, Ontario, just off of Highway 11.

And let’s not forget, Kenora’s got a 40-foot statue of a muskie called Husky. Who knew?

And probably the most famous is the Wawa Goose. In 1960, the town of Wawa erected this statue at the junction of the new Trans Canada Highway and Highway 101 to entice travelers to stop in the town rather than to bypass it on the road.

Keep your eyes open for more crazy roadside attractions when setting out on your next fishing adventure. And, for the most comprehensive list of fishing spots on Ontario, be sure to visit GoFishinOntario.com.


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