Fish Talk – Clear Water Northern Pike

Hiya folks,

Gord Pyzer here from Outdoor Canada Magazine.

The clearer the water, the bigger the Pike. You know, it’s amazing, I’m going to pull into this bay right behind me, one of my favourite Northern Pike spots. And, I am on a clear water lake and I’m fishing the clear side of that clear water lake.

It’s absolutely amazing, science has shown that the clearer the water, the better the Northern Pike fishing. Not only the better the fishing, the bigger the fish, the bigger their body weight.

Now, 1-3 meters (or 3-9 feet), that’s kind of optimal. But, every meter (or every 3 feet) of increased water transparency after that, 6% increase in body size/body condition of the Pike. So, if you want to catch the Northern of a lifetime, stick to those clear water areas.

Happy Fish’n,Gord “The Doc” Pyzer

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