Hotspot – Eddie North’s Attawapiskat Adventure

Attawapiskat River – N52° 04.391′ W87° 13.984′ Today’s Hotspot is a bay off the Attawapiskat River north of Beteau Lake. The waypoint on your screen will get you there. We fished this bay in extreme high and cold water conditions and did very well. In perfect conditions, this place would rock. If the fishing is […]

Gettin’ There – Eddie North’s Attawapiskat Adventures

Today’s Northern Pike fishing took place on the Attawapiskat River in Northern Ontario. To get there from Toronto, we took Highway 400 north to Highway 11. We headed northwest to Highway 584 at Geraldton. From there we drove north to the town of Nakina and finally took Cordingley Lake Road to the Nakina Air Seaplane […]

Eddie North’s Attawapiskat Adventure – Episode 417

Eddie North Attawapiskat

This Fish’n Canada episode promises to show you a different side of what Ang and Pete encounter on some of their shoots. Most people think that for fishing television hosts everything comes easy, right? Wrong! In this particular episode, they hit Mother Nature’s motherload of bad weather and water conditions. They travel to Eddie North’s […]

Pym Island Pike – Episode 387

Angelo Viola and Pete Bowman travel to the Attawapiskat River in Northern Ontario and find themselves surrounded by beautiful big Northern Pike. Fishing doesn’t get any better than this!