Fundy Stripers On The Rocks – Episode 514

The Bay of Fundy is a massive bay on the Atlantic Ocean between the Canadian provinces of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. A small portion touches the bank in the state of Maine. It has the highest tidal range of anywhere in the world. It is assumed that the name is possibly a corruption of […]

Gettin’ There – Bay of Fundy Four Seasons Retreat

To get to the Minas Basin on the Bay of Fundy, Nik and I first took Hwy 401 to Hwy 20 in Quebec. We next took Hwy 30, the Montreal bypass, and then got back on to Hwy 20. From there, it was on to Trans Canada Hwy 85, which then turns into Hwy 2, […]

Hotspot – Bay of Fundy Striped Bass

Bay of Fundy Striped Bass – N 45° 19.135’ W 63° 55.885’ Today’s Hotspot is probably “the” most unique fishing area I’ve ever been on. The waypoint on your screen will get you right there. During World War 2, this exact fishing area was used by the Canadian military for target practice, WITH LIVE AMMO. […]

Keith Beasley – April 13, 2019

Keith Beasley from Canada in the Rough, our favourite TV hunting adventure show, joins Angelo. The opening of the wild turkey season is just around the corner and Keith has some tips to up your chances for a successful hunt. You can catch Canada in the Rough and the Beasley Boys on City TV at […]

Alma, New Brunswick

September’s HotSpot is a unique one based out of Alma NB. You essentially cannot fish on your own (due to laws of protected species) however you can hire the services of Sharks Unlimited and have the adventure of a lifetime. Obviously Sharks are the quarry here with Porbeagle being the main species. There is a chance at a Thresher which would be insane to bring in. Pete & Mike just shot a show with S.U. and they were blown away with the experience. They both highly recommend this trip!