Gettin’ There – Brace Lake Bonanza

To get to today’s non-stop Walleye and Pike fishing on Brace Lake, we took Highway 400 North to Highway 11. We then headed northwest to Highway 584 at Geraldton. From there we drove north to the town of Nakina and finally took Cordingley Lake Road to the Nakina Air Seaplane Base. From there it was […]

Hotspot – Brace Lake Bonanza

Brace Lake – N 50° 34.937’ W 87° 18.040’ Today’s Hotspot is directly in front of Brace Lake Lodge. The waypoint on your screen will get you there. This is a very well known and consistent area to catch big Northern Pike and if you’re lucky, a chunky Walleye or two could be in the […]

Brace Lake, Ontario

This month’s Hotspot is a large exposed boulder protruding through the surface on Brace Lake. This Hotspot was loaded with Walleye of all sizes during our Fish’n Canada shoot, with a bonus big aggressive Pike added in… and you know he’s not the only big beast in the area. 1/8 ounce jigs with a plastic attractor, like a curly tail or shad body, worked best for us. You need to use as light a jig-head as possible since there are lots of other snaggy-rocks hidden below the surface. If the area slows down, give it time and then come back… it will definitely replenish itself with fish.

Brace Lake Bonanza – Episode 449

Brace Lake

The grass is always greener on the other side. This is a saying that has been around for many years and we tend to always believe it. Especially fisherman—we take it to the extreme. If our quarry isn’t voraciously schooling up and inhaling everything we’re throwing at them, then we’ve gotta move. In our heads, […]