Ontario Road Trip – Episode 475

The province of Ontario is thought to have gotten its name from an Iroquois word meaning “Beautiful water”—and we couldn’t imagine a more fitting title. With over a quarter of a million unique lakes containing one-fifth of the planet’s fresh water, Ontario is a bottomless treasure chest for anglers of all types, delivering wonders and […]

Did You Know? – The Kawarthas

Did you know that there are more than 130 lakes in the Kawarthas? All we ever hear about are the lakes within the Trent-Severn Waterway like Pidgeon, Balsam, Stoney, Sturgeon, etc. Surprisingly, a lot of these lesser-known Kawartha lakes have produced some very big fish. For example, a record 9.84-pound Smallmouth Bass was taken from Birchbark lake, […]

Gettin’ There – Clear Lake Bass

To get to today’s deep weed Bass fishing, we first drove east on Highway 401. We next turned north on Highway 115, and continued east on Highway 7. Finally, we turned north on Highway 28 and east on South Beach Road to our outstanding accommodations at Clearview Cottage Resort & Marina on the south end […]

Did You Know? – Kawartha Lakes

Did you know that the Kawartha Lakes, aside from being some of the most beautiful recreational areas in the province, are links in a chain of lakes and rivers that join Lake Ontario with Georgian Bay? This chain was the result of the Trent Severn Waterway which was completed in 1920. The locks and dams […]

Clear Lake Bass – Episode 474

This program was very near and dear to Angelo’s heart. It took him back to an area that was instrumental in his growth as an angler: the Kawartha Lakes and the Trent Severn Waterway. “I spent most of my youth fishing these waters from Lake Scugog down to Percy Boom,” says Ang. Home base for […]