Lac Seul Outpost Adventure – Episode 509

This Fish’n Canada episode is one that has been long overdue. Not because of the fish species, not because of the lake location, not any of the particulars. It was overdue because of the type of trip it was. We often get caught up in a fast, “gotta’ get a show done quickly and move […]

Gettin’ There – Anderson’s Lodge Tom’s Landing

To get to today’s outstanding fishing, we first drove north on Hwy 400 to Hwy 69. We then took Hwy 17 north-west until we reached the town of Dryden. We then turned north on Hwy 72 until we reached our first destination at Anderson’s Lodge. But that was only part of the adventure. Under normal […]

Hotspot – Lac Seul Northern Pike

Lac Seul Northern Pike – N 50° 31.513’ W 92° 01.853’ Today’s Hotspot is a weed-bed in a back-bay that Steve and I discovered while on our trip to Lac Seul. The Waypoint on your screen will get you right there. This is one of the largest cabbage beds we found during our trip and it most definitely held […]

Did You Know? – Northwest Ontario Fishing

Did you know that Ontario has arguably 5 of the best multi-species fishing lakes in the world? The Big 5 are all located in North-Western Ontario: Near Fort Francis, Rainy Lake‘s claim to fame is; “A fisherman’s paradise and you won’t leave disappointed.” No truer statement has been said. Although Eagle Lake, near Vermilion Bay, […]

Fish Talk – Some Do, Most Don’t

Hiya folks, Gord Pyzer here, from Outdoor Canada Magazine. Some do, but most don’t. What am I talking about? We just have enjoyed one of the best smallmouth days ever. We were catching 3.75 – 4.5-pound smallmouth up in Northern Ontario. But the reality is, you can’t see that on most lakes. If you want […]

Lac Seul, Ontario

August’s HotSpot is on the Manitou Rapids on Lac Seul. The Fish’n Canada guys just returned home from a very successful trip on what could be classed as the world’s best Walleye lake. Manitou Rapids is a classic spot with lots of current. It holds good numbers of Walleye plus gives the great opportunity at some big fish.