Did You Know? – Spectacular Salmon

Did you know that Ontario’s Great Lakes offer some of the best Salmon fishing in the world? Extended and year-round seasons make it especially good for non-boating anglers seeking Salmon in rivers. There are more spectacular boat-fishing opportunities for trophy Chinook and Coho Salmon in Lakes Ontario and Huron than anywhere else in the province. […]

A study warns Asian carp could become the most common fish in Lake Erie

Our Fish’n Canada & Outdoor Journal Radio research teams are always on the lookout for stories that will keep you informed on issues that can affect your outdoors. Below is a great piece we dug up on the Asian Carp Invasion that should be of interest to all anglers and non-anglers alike: A new study […]

Lake Erie, Ontario

This great Smallmouth Hotspot is a deep water area along a major breakline in Lake Erie. By simply navigating with your chartplotter and Navionics Maps out from Crystal Beach, you can be fishing in world-class Smallmouth water within minutes. Depending on wind conditions, Smallie anglers have the availability of fishing both the north and south side of the lake. Make sure you have the appropriate license.

Erie Down Deep – Episode 397

Pete Bowman travels to one of the worlds most prolific Smallmouth Bass lakes and catches fish hand over fist. Lake Erie is the destination and vertical presentations are the key to success!