Northern Rockies Walleye and Grayling – Episode 508

This was Fish’n Canada’s second shoot of the season based out of Northern Rockies Lodge, but it wasn’t the first-ever visit here. Or should we say it wasn’t Pete’s first? Steve Niedzwiecki however, was virgin to this exquisite destination and for the entire stay, he was in awe! Trip #1 of this awesome western Canada […]

Hotspot – Maxhamish Lake Walleye and Pike

Maxhamish Lake Walleye and Pike – N 59° 52.732’ W 123° 14.829’ This Hotspot is a long skinny weed-bed on Maxhamish Lake in British Columbia. The waypoint on your screen will get you there. Urs from Northern Rockies Lodge had told us about this weed-bed in the past but we never needed it. On this […]

Gettin’ There – Northern Rockies Lodge (Maxhamish Lake)

To get to today’s unbelievable fishing adventure, Pete and Steve first flew from Toronto to Vancouver. From there they took the next flight to Prince George and then hopped onto another plane to Fort Nelson. The remainder of the trip was a drive along the scenic Alaskan Highway to milepost 462 at Northern Rockies Lodge […]

Missing Structure – Fish’n Canada Extra – The Ultimate Fishing Adventure

Angelo and grandson Nik get dropped off in Maxhamish Lake, a remote fly-in lake, and quickly determine that there is no discernible structure to be found in this giant Walleye bowl. Without any structure to utilize, and no obvious concentration of fish, how can an angler get the drop on these Yukon Gold? In this […]

The Ultimate Fishing Adventure – Episode 470

“This Fish’n Canada episode could very well be the greatest adventure I’ve ever been on,” says Angelo, introducing today’s episode. “It certainly has the potential to be the most gratifying experience of my career. On the other hand, it could be a total disaster.” HIGH EXPECTATIONS Ang is referring to this trip is with his […]