Hotspot – 100 Years of Nipigon Brookies

N 49° 18.318’ W 088° 18.640’ Today’s Hotspot is where my biggest Speck of the day came from. The Waypoint on your screen will get you there. This is a classic current seam that Trout will use as a feeding & resting area. Spinners, Minnow Baits, and Live Bait will all work here. As a […]

100 Years of Nipigon Brookies – Episode 457

NIPIGON HISTORY Can you imagine catching a 14 pound 8 ounce Brook Trout? Or even crazier, the double hook-up of a 5 and a 6.8 pounder on a single line with two baits the very next day? That’s what the Nipigon River in Northern Ontario was like 100 years ago. Imagine an afternoon catch of […]