Fish Talk – Some Do, Most Don’t

Hiya folks, Gord Pyzer here, from Outdoor Canada Magazine. Some do, but most don’t. What am I talking about? We just have enjoyed one of the best smallmouth days ever. We were catching 3.75 – 4.5-pound smallmouth up in Northern Ontario. But the reality is, you can’t see that on most lakes. If you want […]

Ottawa River, Ontario

Location: Ottawa River, Ontario GPS: N45º 34.613′ W075º 06.110′ Species: Muskie This Hotspot is an area in front of the South Nation River on the Ottawa River. Areas like this that have both incoming and outgoing water are always great fish-attracting Hotspots. Throw double bucktails, Shadzillas, and maybe even a big topwater in the morning […]

Ontario Road Trip – Episode 475

The province of Ontario is thought to have gotten its name from an Iroquois word meaning “Beautiful water”—and we couldn’t imagine a more fitting title. With over a quarter of a million unique lakes containing one-fifth of the planet’s fresh water, Ontario is a bottomless treasure chest for anglers of all types, delivering wonders and […]

Stalking Prehistoric Gar – Episode 492

Sight-fishing is an aspect of our sport that is exciting, rewarding, satisfying, and frustrating! For the longest time, anglers have waded the saltwater flats for Bonefish, they have stalked various Trout species from the banks of gin-clear creeks, they have fished spring Bass tournaments for bedding Largemouth—the list goes on with this unique eye-balling technique. […]

Hotspot – Stalking Prehistoric Gar

Ottawa River – N 45° 22.883′ W 75° 53.972′ Today’s Hotspot is in Shirley’s Bay. The waypoint on your screen will take you right there. This bay loads up with Gar of all sizes, including some real monsters. But be careful, the entrance to this bay is strewing with lots of boulders. Also, be cognizant […]

Gettin’ There – Stalking Prehistoric Gar

To get to today’s great Gar fishing, we first drove east on Highway 401. We turned north on Highway 416 and then west on 417. We next headed north on Road 49, then northeast on Solandt Road, and finally left on Legget Drive, taking us to our outstanding accommodations at the Brookstreet Hotel & Resort. […]

Did You Know? – Ontario Rivers

Did You Know that Ontario has over 100,000 kilometres of fish-filled rivers ranging from the far north all the way south to the United States border? Have you ever wondered which of Ontario’s rivers were the longest? Here are the Top 4: The Ottawa River, at 1,271 kilometres, is the longest river in Ontario. It’s […]

Muskie Habitat – Fish’n Canada Extra – Ottawa Esox

Even the experts are continually mystified by the Might Muskellunge. In this Fish’n Canada outtake, renowned muskie guide John Anderson and host Pete Bowman discuss the recent findings of some fascinating muskie studies. Is it possible that muskies maintain a lifelong connection with the spot they were born? How far do they travel to come home? […]

Pure Muskie – Fish’n Canada Extra – Ottawa Esox

Peter Levick (Muskies Canada Inc.) and John Anderson (Ottawa River Muskie Factory) explore the differences between American and Canadian muskies, and explain why so many Americans make the voyage north to set their hooks on our particular brand of this toothy beast. Check out this Fish’n Canada outtake to see why Canada’s pure muskie fishery […]