Gettin’ There – Pinehurst: Big Bait, Big Fish

To get to today’s awesome Walleye and Pike fishing I first flew from Toronto to Edmonton, Alberta. From there, I picked up a Ram and drove northeast on Road 28. I next turned north on Road 36 to the town of Lac La Biche and then on to my fantastic accommodations at the BCM Inn. […]

Pinehurst Lake: Pike and Walleye Hotspot

Pinehurst Lake – N 54° 39.445’ W 111° 24.624’ Today’s Hotspot is a tapering underwater point on Pinehurst Lake in Alberta. The waypoint on your screen will get you there. This spot is known for both Pike and some really big Walleye. It’s a classic piece of structure that holds fish all year long. Try […]

Pinehurst: Big Bait, Big Fish – Episode 458

Pinehurst Lake

This Fish’n Canada episode brings Pete Bowman back to the province of Alberta. It may be a surprise to learn that Alberta is home to some of the biggest Pike we’ve ever caught here at Fish’n Canada. Take last year with the Cooper Tire boys for example, when we caught several 45 to 50 inch Pike—proportions usually […]