Fundy Stripers On The Rocks – Episode 514

The Bay of Fundy is a massive bay on the Atlantic Ocean between the Canadian provinces of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. A small portion touches the bank in the state of Maine. It has the highest tidal range of anywhere in the world. It is assumed that the name is possibly a corruption of […]

Gettin’ There – Bay of Fundy Four Seasons Retreat

To get to the Minas Basin on the Bay of Fundy, Nik and I first took Hwy 401 to Hwy 20 in Quebec. We next took Hwy 30, the Montreal bypass, and then got back on to Hwy 20. From there, it was on to Trans Canada Hwy 85, which then turns into Hwy 2, […]

Hotspot – Bay of Fundy Striped Bass

Bay of Fundy Striped Bass – N 45° 19.135’ W 63° 55.885’ Today’s Hotspot is probably “the” most unique fishing area I’ve ever been on. The waypoint on your screen will get you right there. During World War 2, this exact fishing area was used by the Canadian military for target practice, WITH LIVE AMMO. […]

Edible Wild Food – May 11, 2019

This is prime time for foraging for wild foods in the forest. Karen Stephenson from Edible Wild Food is an expert on safe choices picked from the forests and wetlands in Ontario.

MNRF Reminds Anglers to Have a Responsible Fishing Season

It’s spring fishing season and Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (MNRF) conservation officers want to encourage anglers to get outdoors and enjoy our natural resources in a safe and sustainable way. Ontario’s conservation officers remind anglers to be aware of the regulations that specify where and how they can fish and how many fish […]

Bryce Carlson talks about rowing across the Atlantic Ocean

Bryce Carlson just set a record for rowing across the Atlantic Ocean. It took 38 days to complete the 3,200 km journey. His boat capsized several times, the electronics and GPS were damaged, and he faced 30 foot swells. Bryce joins Angelo with this incredible tale.

Tools of The Trade – Line Selection

There are basically three types of line: monofilaments, fluorocarbons, and braids. You have to know some things before you make a selection. What are you fishing for? For small fish and small lures with light tackle use monofilament. It’s relatively cheap and very versatile. What kind of water are you fishing in? If it’s clear and […]

Why Use a Line Counter Reel

One might think that with 20, 30, maybe even 40 years of fishing under one’s belt that an angler would have some sort of idea how much line they had out during their presentation, right? Golfers know their yardages like no one else. Bow hunters are tack-on within 50 yards. Big game rifle hunters can […]

Julia Levin joins Angelo and Pete to talk about Seafood fraud

Seafood fraud is a lucrative business. Oceana Canada has been testing fish in stores and restaurants across Canada. Julia Levin joins Angelo with the results of their investigation and it’s pretty discouraging. Some of the fish tested will make you sick.