Calm Lake, Ontario

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This episode’s Hotspot is Calm Lake. This area is known for suspended Smallmouth Bass. These fish are feeding on suspended Cisco’s and they’re aggressive.

The Twitchbait is a perfect imitation of those Cisco. Let it slowly drop after it hits the water and then work it back with various cadences until you find the one that works.

When the Smallies are busting bait on the surface, Walking the Dog with the Pencil Popper is a perfect presentation.

Baits: Yo-Zuri Slow Sinking Twitchbait and Pencil Popper

Presentation: For the Twitchbait, stop and go pulling action (or as Ang says “Slide & Glide”), and for the Pencil Popper Walk The Dog.

Depth: 16-40 feet

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