The Quantz Lake Pike That Got Away…

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N 51*08.228 W085*21.601

This episode’s Hotspot is a Shallow cabbage weed point where Pete encountered and, unfortunately, lost his big Northern at the end of the episode. As you can see on this Quickdraw map, it drew a point (light green where all the waypoints are) which really shows the shape of this weedbed.

We discovered this spot on our first day of scouting Quantz Lake for both Pike and Walleye and Pete returned to it on numerous occasions throughout the trip.

Why all the waypoints you ask?

Well, over the course of the trip, and especially on the last day, every time Pete found something to his liking (Pike, opening in weeds, thicker than usual clumps, more than one weed type together) he’d punch in a waypoint. By the end of the trip, he knew the higher percentage areas of the weed point. This sounds simple (and it truly is), however, it’s easy to forget to do.

Since this Hotspot is quite shallow, Pete concentrated on casting a soft, Perch coloured Jerkbait with a weighted screw-lock, and wide gap hook.

This is where a braided line really becomes necessary when battling these long lean fighters. Unfortunately, even with the strongest of hooksets, some fish simply pop off… as what happened to Pete’s biggest Pike encounter of the trip. SO disappointing!

If you ever come in contact with Pike in a shallow Cabbage weed bed in Northern Ontario, make sure you cover the entire weedbed thoroughly as the fish could literally be anywhere!

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