What Line is Best For Your Popper

I’ll admit, I’m technically classed as an Old-Schooler. And trust me, there’s no embarrassment factor involved. That said, I am always looking for “new and improved” in every facet of fishing. This piece is about reverting to the basics—in this case, the fishing line. This photo shows you the ultimate in Old School, the classic […]

Fish Talk – Sock It To Me

Hiya folks, You know, most of us carry multiple spools of line in the boat. We’re always changing our leader, often we get stuck on the bottom, you got to put a new leader on. Or you might want to increase from 6 to 8 to 10 and you want to switch over to fluorocarbon […]

Braid vs. Monofilament

This informative KLP segment (Knowledge, Location, Presentation—the Fish’n Canada formula for fishing success) aims to clarify the differences between monofilament line and braid, and help anglers determine when to use one or the other. To see Ang and Pete put this knowledge into practice, check out the full 2014 Fish’n Canada episode from which this […]

Ganaraska Steel – Episode 489

It’s been quite some time since the Fish’n Canada team has put a river Steelhead show together. With this slice of sportfishing being so popular, we had to “don the waders” and hit the river. THE GANNY The water that Pete fished for this episode was the upper portion of the Ganaraska River. The “Ganny”, […]

Fish Talk – Date Your Line

Hiya folks, I want to talk today about dating your line. Y’know, I’ve probably got 16 or 17 rods in the boat right now. Some have got fluorocarbon line on them, some I’ve spooled with monofilament, some I’ve got braid, some I’ve got gel-spun. It’s important to know how old that line is and so […]

Fish Talk – Slack Line

Hiya folks, Rarely is it a complimentary term to be called a slacker, but when you’re fishing you want slack line between you and the bait. Throwing one of those cigar baits—the famous “walk the dog” surface presentation—the only way you can do that is with slack line. Any time you make a cast and […]

Fish Talk – Flashers Or Dodgers

Hiya folks, I’m up here at the Queen Charlotte Islands and I’ve been catching Chinook Salmon and Coho Salmon, and it’s been out of this world. Part of the success this week was using Flashers like Coyote Flashers. The key is, though, there are Flashers and Dodgers, and they do different things. A Flasher is […]

Fish Talk – Lighten Up

Hiya folks, Lighten up. That’s what I want to talk about today. And what I mean by “lighten up” is a lot of anglers think the heavier the line they use, the stronger the line and the better their chances are of landing fish. But you’ve got to hook it first, and the way to hook […]

Hotspot – Maritime Smallies

Nackawick Stream – N 46° 01.114′ W 67° 14.420′ Today’s great Smallmouth Hotspot is on the Nackawick Stream, which is a branch off of the St John River in New Brunswick. The waypoint on your screen will get you there. Early season Smallie angling can have the fish in a variety of moods, so a […]

Fish Talk – Superlines

Hiya folks, I’ve got 17 rods with me today. 16 of the 17 are spooled with superline—either a braid or a gel spun. And the reason for that is with these new superlines you can make super long distance casts because they’re so thin. They’re totally non-stretch. That means you can feel a bite at […]