Alma, New Brunswick

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Location: Alma, New Brunswick
GPS: N45º 35.561′  W64º 56.644′
Species: Shark

This Hotspot is a unique one based out of Alma, New Brunswick. You essentially cannot fish on your own for Porbeagle Sharks due to laws of protected species. You can hire the services of St. Andrews Sport Fishing Co., however, and have the adventure of a lifetime.

Obviously, sharks are the quarry here—with Porbeagle being the main species. There is a chance at a Thresher, too, which would be insane to bring in.

On a past Fish’n Canada shoot, Pete was blown away by the experience. He caught, landed and released a 440-pound Porbeagle which took him 119 minutes to reel in. Just one minute short of a two-hour fight!

[flexiblemap center=”45.592683,-64.944067″ width=”100%” zoom=”15″ title=”Fish’n Canada Hotspot” maptype=”satellite”]

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