Upper French River, Ontario

Location: Upper French River, Ontario GPS: N46º 10.460′ W079º 56.905′ Species: Muskie This Hotspot is a great muskie area on the Upper French River. You can try hardcore casting the entire structure both shallow and deep or you can take a break and troll the area. Hard work and perseverance are the keys to muskie fishing […]

Ottawa River, Ontario

Location: Ottawa River, Ontario GPS: N45º 34.613′ W075º 06.110′ Species: Muskie This Hotspot is an area in front of the South Nation River on the Ottawa River. Areas like this that have both incoming and outgoing water are always great fish-attracting Hotspots. Throw double bucktails, Shadzillas, and maybe even a big topwater in the morning […]

Hotspot – Rainy Days and Mondays

Wabasca Lake – N56° 00.341’ W W113° 58.097’ Today’s Hotspot is a large weed bed along a steep break on Alberta’s Wabasca Lake. The waypoint on your screen will get you right there. This is a classic example of what it takes to attract Walleye and big Northern Pike: Green healthy weeds, fast access to […]

Long Mountain Lake II – Episode 482

The sport of fishing just may be the most relaxing, calming and tranquil activity ever discovered by mankind. On the other hand, it can also be the most frustrating, humbling, and nerve-racking experience a person should ever have to endure. This Fish’n Canada episode’s location has the potential for being both. Who could argue that […]

Ottawa Esox – Episode 467

The Muskellunge: the fish of 10,000 casts. For this Fish’n Canada episode, Pete Bowman is on the Ottawa River for a long overdue reunion trip with muskie guide extraordinaire John Anderson of Ottawa River Muskie Factory. He’s a man who knows this water intimately! Pete’s confidence booster for this trip was that John, along with […]

North Wabasca Lake, Alberta

This month’s Hotspot is a Walleye and Pike breakline adjacent to a weed edge on North Wabasca Lake in Alberta.

Eagle Lake Muskie Marathon – Episode 455

Pete Muskie

This show is about Esox Masquinongy, the Muskellunge, the largest member of the Pike family, and its ability to capture the imagination of so many committed fishermen. This is one of the most physically demanding activities a recreational angler can get into. It can be described in two words: Muskie Mystique. Clearly, there’s something about […]

Ontario’s Ultimate Toothy Beast – Episode 444

About a year ago, during one of our pre-season planning sessions, we got to talking about what a successful day on the water meant to different anglers. We wanted to show that two different anglers (or sets of anglers) targeting the same fishery, with different attitudes and techniques, would have completely different outcomes. And furthermore, […]

Rainy Days and Mondays – Episode 430

Right out of the gate we would like to say we are extremely happy with our rediscovery of fishing in Alberta. In the past, this province has always delivered top-notch trout, with the Bow River being one of Canada’s most spectacular fisheries. Once we found out about their Walleye and Pike fishing, however, wow, did […]