Gettin’ There – Red Pine Lodge Ivanhoe Lake

To get to today’s fishing adventure on Ivanhoe Lake, we first drove north on Hwy 400, continued north on 69 and then headed north-west on Hwy 17 at Sudbury. We next turned north on 144 and then west on 101. We lastly turned south on Ivanhoe Lake Road, taking us to Red Pine Lodge. Red […]

Lac Seul Outpost Adventure – Episode 509

This Fish’n Canada episode is one that has been long overdue. Not because of the fish species, not because of the lake location, not any of the particulars. It was overdue because of the type of trip it was. We often get caught up in a fast, “gotta’ get a show done quickly and move […]

Northern Rockies Walleye and Grayling – Episode 508

This was Fish’n Canada’s second shoot of the season based out of Northern Rockies Lodge, but it wasn’t the first-ever visit here. Or should we say it wasn’t Pete’s first? Steve Niedzwiecki however, was virgin to this exquisite destination and for the entire stay, he was in awe! Trip #1 of this awesome western Canada […]

Hotspot – Maxhamish Lake Walleye and Pike

Maxhamish Lake Walleye and Pike – N 59° 52.732’ W 123° 14.829’ This Hotspot is a long skinny weed-bed on Maxhamish Lake in British Columbia. The waypoint on your screen will get you there. Urs from Northern Rockies Lodge had told us about this weed-bed in the past but we never needed it. On this […]

Hotspot – Fishing Lake Northern Pike

Fishing Lake Northern Pike – N 59° 28.989’ W 126° 41.566’ Today’s Hotspot is where Pete and Steve found the largest concentration of Northern Pike on Fishing Lake, British Columbia. The waypoint on your screen will get you right there. This is a big long underwater point on the first major drop-off, leading out from […]

Did You Know? – Lake Superior Species

Did you know that Lake Superior has approximately 80 different species of fish? With an average underwater visibility of 27 feet, Superior’s cool, clean habitat is the perfect environment for this plethora of finned creatures. The most well-known cold-water species are the Brook Trout, Brown Trout, Rainbow Trout, and Lake Trout. There’s also Atlantic Salmon, […]

Hotspot – Georgian Bay Pike & Rainbow Trout

Georgian Bay Pike – N 45° 34.736’ W 80° 25.685’ Rainbow Trout – N 45° 19.094’ W 80° 06.348’ For this episode, we’re going to give you two Hotspots, one for Pike and the other for Rainbows. As for the Pike Hotspot, it’s very close to Pleasant Cove Resort, making it a quick and easy […]

Smoothwater Outfitters – April 06, 2019

For the Go Fish in Ontario segment we’re paddling the lakes and rivers in the Temagami area. Francis Boyes from Smoothwater Outfitters provides a lodge, cabins, canoes and full outfitting services, for trippers into the backcountry. For more information on Smoothwater Outfitters go to

Lac St. Pierre, St. Lawrence River, Quebec

This Hotspot is a very specific break-line on Lac St Pierre on the St Lawrence River in Quebec. It’s a major feeding area for Large and Small Mouth Bass, as well as Walleye and Pike. The current is deceivingly strong here so drifting baits very close to the bottom is the key. Tube jigs are the #1 choice here followed by curly tailed grubs and Dropshot finesse worms. Experiment with colors as the fish’s preferences seem to change daily.

Fish Talk – Topwater Technique

Hiya folks, One of the most exciting ways to fish for big muskies and big Northern Pike is throwing them a rat-type bait, a topwater bait, anything up on the surface. But topwaters for big predators, they come with their own set of baggage. One of the problems, when you throw a topwater bait, is […]