5 Shore Fishing Tips and Techniques You Need To Know

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5 Shore Fishing Tips

Waders in the Cold, Shorts and Sandals in the Warm (5 of 5)

Just because you are fishing from shore does not mean you cannot cheat a bit. To get some extra distance on your cast and reach that “unreachable” hotspot from shore, why not don the waders or walk in thigh-deep? Quite often, there is an inside edge of a weedline running parallel to the shore. Let me tell you, an inside weed edge can be magical when it comes to holding fish. But often they curve or turn away from shore making them too far to cover. This is where wading comes in. You may not be able to reach all of these spots, but even one could be a game-changer.

By stepping out from the shore and into the water, an angler can often gain lots of casting distance.

The bonus is—like some of Canada’s 2020 fishing summer so far—if the air temperatures are hitting the mid- to high-30s Celsius, why not have a bit of a cool-down?

In Closing

Hopefully, you found these shore fishing tips helpful. I would love to hear fishing stories from anyone who has tried some of these tips and techniques. Please leave me a comment below and send a pic or two to our Fish’n Canada Fan Page.

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