Fish Talk – Backing Off

Hiya folks, I want to talk today about backing it off. And what I’m talking about it is the drag system on your reel. Every time you go out fishing for the day and you start putting your rods back into the locker, make it a habit to loosen the drag off. If it’s a […]

Ganaraska Steel – Episode 489

It’s been quite some time since the Fish’n Canada team has put a river Steelhead show together. With this slice of sportfishing being so popular, we had to “don the waders” and hit the river. THE GANNY The water that Pete fished for this episode was the upper portion of the Ganaraska River. The “Ganny”, […]

Fish Talk – Backreel and Thumb

Hiya folks, Backreel and thumb. That’s what I want to talk about today. Y’know, on all the good reels, all our reels today, they have magnificent drag systems. But, I’ll tell you what, you are much better. And what I mean by that is when you get a big fish on—as good as your drag […]

Fish Talk – What A Drag

Hiya folks, I want to talk about the drag systems on our spinning reels and baitcasters today. They are so phenomenally good but you are much better. What I mean by that, folks, is you can thumb a baitcaster, and backreel a spinning reel, every bit as good as (and usually better than) the drag […]

Fish Talk – Lined Up

Hiya folks, Every year, I get the chance to take out dozens and dozens of folks. I get the chance to take them out fishing, and when I pick them up at the dock they’re usually holding two or three rods and reels, and I always ask them the same question: What pound test do […]

Tools of The Trade – Baitcaster or Spinning Reel

Baitcaster or spinning reel? Research as much as you like and you’ll find that many anglers have used both but prefer one type over the other. Mechanically speaking, reels, both baitcasting and spinning, have their advantages and disadvantages. Spinning reels are designed with a stationary spool and a rotating line-winding mechanism which is great for […]

Tools Of The Trade – Lever vs Star Drag

Fishing for Sturgeon on the magnificent Fraser River is definitely not like Bass fishing on a small lake. One thing we noticed is that all of the baitcasting reels that our “Numero Uno” guide Vic Carrao has on his boat have lever drag systems as opposed to star drag systems. We talked about star drags […]

Tools Of The Trade – Drag Systems

What is drag? How does it work? And why is it important? Simply put, drag systems are a mechanical means of applying variable pressure to the line spool or drive mechanism which creates friction. This works on the principle of multiple discs rubbing together face-to-face. One set of disks is attached to the side of […]

Tools Of The Trade – Rods

Before you buy any fishing rod there are some basic facts you must know like what and where you’re fishing. This will determine one of the most important features of the rod you choose: its action. The action of a rod has several determinants. First and most important is the taper; from butt to tip, the […]

Fish’n Boot Camp Part 2 – Episode 462

BACK IN SESSION On part one of this two-part Fish’n Canada Show, we hosted the first ever “Fish’n Boot Camp” at Chaudière Lodge on the French River. Joining us was good friend and world-renowned fishing legend, Roland Martin, Johnny Unser from the racing world’s famous Unser family, Roy Armes (CEO and president of Cooper Tires), […]