Danny Thompson – May 11, 2019

You can troll the waters, looking for fish. Or you can buy a Garmin fish finder, and waste less time searching and more time catching. Danny Thompson from Garmin electronics is back with his suggestions for the right fish finder for you!

Tools of The Trade – Scent

Here’s a few reasons why scented baits are such a good idea: Freshwater fish like Pike, Bass, Walleye, and Carp have highly developed olfactory (smell) organs and are attracted to certain scents. That’s why so many freshwater bait manufacturers—especially of plastic baits—build the scent right in. Otherwise, scents are sold in containers as paste, fluids […]

Tools of The Trade – Sonar

Fish finders, depth sounders, sonars: It doesn’t matter what you call them, they’ve come a long way from the original paper graph of the seventies. They still perform the same function, however: to help you locate fish and see beyond the surface of the water. Without them, we’d still be in the dark ages. But […]

Charting New Depths – Episode 466

Danny and Pete with a Wabatongushi Lake Walleye.

This Walleye episode took us back to the wonderful district of Algoma: 22,000 square miles of fish-filled wilderness encompassing the largest crown game reserve in the world, the Chapleau Crown Game Reserve. And Pete’s in the middle of it, at Loch Island Lodge in Wabatongushi Lake. He was there on a special mission with help from […]