Killarney Bay Northern Pike

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N46°00.487 W081°29.896

This episode’s hotspot was an easy-to-access Pike area in Killarney Bay. 

We actually saw way more Pike than we caught here. The calm winds and high, sunny skies actually favoured the fish, not us.

Had it been slightly overcast or cloudy and with a slight breeze, this Hotspot could have been on fire.

We mostly used Yo Zuri 110mm suspending Jerkbaits and the 3DB Twitchbait in the largest size.

We incorporated a stop-and-go retrieve which seems to really get Pike fired up.

Although a fluorocarbon, wire or titanium leader will impair the bait’s action, they’re an absolute must if you want to avoid break-offs.

Ang’s biggest Pike from the episode, a nasty beast of a fish!

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