St. Mary’s River, Ontario

This Hotspot is known as the St. Mary’s Rapids and is located directly adjacent to the city of Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario. We chose this Hotspot because of its easy access to a variety of fish species.

Early Season Steelhead and Lake Trout Fishing

The go-to guide in Algoma for the Fish’n Canada crew is Tyler Dunn. Is Tyler an ice fisherman and does he provide guided trips in the winter? Angelo talks ice fishing and early season steelhead and lake trout with Tyler.

Darryl Choronzey – October 05, 2019

Did Choronzey get things sorted out on the Saugeen River? Has he been successful in making peace with the Ministry of Natural Resources over the transfer of spawning steelhead past the dams on the river, to release the mature fish in the headwaters?

Josh Choronzey – April 20, 2019

Where will you go fishing this spring? Josh Choronzey will be Angelo’s guest and he will surprise with what he’s after, and where to find the fish.  

Tyler Dunn Guiding – April 20, 2019

For the Go Fish in Ontario segment we’re headed to the Algoma region to fish for spring run steelhead. Tyler Dunn is our guide. There are many rivers to choose from and river mouths along the north shore, with excellent steelhead fishing. You choose your preferred type of fishing and Tyler will recommend the nearby […]

Ganaraska Steel – Episode 489

It’s been quite some time since the Fish’n Canada team has put a river Steelhead show together. With this slice of sportfishing being so popular, we had to “don the waders” and hit the river. THE GANNY The water that Pete fished for this episode was the upper portion of the Ganaraska River. The “Ganny”, […]

Hotspot – Ganaraska Steel

Today’s Garmin Hotspot is on a privately owned piece of land along the upper Ganaraska River which feeds into Lake Ontario. Often times, landowners will grant anglers permission to access their property. If and when you are granted permission, please show respect and leave the property as good as or better than when you arrived. […]

Gettin’ There – Ganaraska Steel

To get to today’s outstanding Rainbow fishing, I drove east on Highway 401 and exited on Highway 28 at Port Hope. From there I drove north and met Kevin at his private property on the Ganaraska River. The “Ganny” has lots of public water to fish along its course; it’s up to you as an […]

Hotspot – St. Mary’s Surprise

St. Mary’s Rapids – N 46° 30.448′ W 84° 20.886′ Today’s Hotspot is known as the St. Mary’s Rapids, directly adjacent to the city of Sault Ste. Marie. The waypoint on your screen will get you there. We chose this Hotspot because of its easy access to a variety of fish species. You can hire […]

Gettin’ There – St. Mary’s Surprise

To get to today’s non-stop river fishing, I first drove north on Highway 400 to Highway 69. I next turned onto Highway 17, heading northwest, and took that all the way to the town of Bruce Mines. I finally turned south on Bruce Bay Road, which took me to Bruce Bay Cottages and Lighthouse. Even […]